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Concrete Steps Syracuse NY

When it comes to building a new structure, the materials are just as important as the design. While there are always materials for building, such as brick, wood, or stone, concrete is among the most commonly used because it is so durable and affordable. It is a smart and popular choice for step treads for staircases and floors. If you are having some trouble deciding on the material, here are a few noteworthy things about concrete: 

Concrete is easily installed and molded

Concrete is convenient, versatile, and easy to mold. For increased durability and ability to handle heavier loads, it can also be reinforced with steel bars. Some companies offer to build precast steps, making the construction of concrete stairs faster and effortless.

Concrete is durable and fire-resistant

Concrete is durable enough to handle heavy impact and loads at a better cost than other expensive materials. Materials like wood, stone, or even marble can crack, bend, and even break. Unlike steel and metal, concrete does not rust when it is exposed to moisture. Unlike wood, it does not get warped or splinter. Plus, concrete is fire-resistant, which is why you will often notice that the stairwells as fire exits are made of concrete. Instead, concrete retains heat and withstands climates, making it even more cost-effective in terms of heating costs.   

Concrete is low maintenance and economic 

Concrete is the least expensive of building materials and can be purchased almost anywhere. This is important to note because this means it can be easily replaced or repaired. Other materials, including stone, wood, or marble, are expensive and not as easy to repair and replace. The fact that it is low maintenance is also a factor to consider and part of what makes concrete so great – it only requires a simple pressure wash on occasion, never constant cleaning and polishing. 

Concrete is customizable

If your hesitancy about concrete is the fact that you think it is too plain-looking, don’t worry, there are always options to customize it to your liking. Did you know that you can cover concrete with tiles? Or even paint over it? Concrete is more customizable than materials like wood and marble; however, if the look of marble is your preference, it can be made to look like that too. Concrete stairs can also be coated with epoxy to make them more pleasing to the eye. The bottom line is that it can be colored or molded for any design need or even used as a durable foundation along with other materials to create your dream design. Consider using concrete for your next stair project – reach out to us if you have any questions at 315-509-9893